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FLAME Rules Middle Earth

As could be expected a popular theme for events held in New Zealand, and in particular Queenstown, is The Lord Of The Rings. FLAME’s provided a variety of Meet & Greet Middle Earth Characters and theatrical Dance Show entertainment for corporate functions since the first movies became known in the early 00′s.

Now with The Hobbit renewing interest we busier again with Gandalf The Grey, our merry Hobbits, Gorgeous Elves and the Foul Comical Fire Orcs are causing a riot!

Our new shows entertainingly combine circus skills with the Middle Earth characters such as Hula Hooping Hobbits! Elven Adagio and the most suited apparatus To Rule Them All all the Aerial Ring!  (Lyra)

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Foul Comic Fire ORCS!

A Hobbit



One Ring to Rule Them All



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